STARTUP HOPPING IX: “Artificial Intelligence – Meet The Future” [en]

STARTUP HOPPING IX: “Artificial Intelligence – Meet The Future” [en]

Artificial intelligence is still the sensational topic of the 21st century.  We have decided to get firsthand information on the existing leitmotiv of the day from the professionals and the businesses which were able to market their AI product. Already for the ninth time Berlin young companies opened their doors for the participants of the Startup Hopping. More than twenty-five startup enthusiasts joined HUFW for the exciting event and visited three dynamic AI specialized startups on Thursday, December 5. 

The first stop on the list was Merantix. The world’s first AI Venture Studio conveyed their aspiration to drive value and transform industries with founded progress in healthcare and automotive. They shared with us their knowledge on deep learning by investigating the current market and their insight for further AI-application opportunities. We discussed with Merantix the importance of the leading technology and the limitation of the AI-implementation in certain spheres. The company revealed to us their key success factors in attracting the best graduates and employees and discussed with the participants which competitive advantages for the AI-related healthcare and automotive companies exist.   

Key takeaway: You might have the best algorithm, but it is worthless without the data.

After productive morning and lunch, we moved to Neukölln for visiting the next startup. The leading robotics software company micropsi industries offered us the opportunity to take a close look at their high-end machine learning products for real time control in robotics and automation. This was the place where we could “touch” the mysterious AI and see the learning process. The tour around the office, discussion and demonstration of the micropsi’s product abilities showed us the industrial application of the AI. We also actively interacted with team leaders through case study discussion on industries sales approach. The fascinating and ambitious ideas of the participants were analyzed through the professional view on the current challenges. 

Key takeaway: There is a lot of potential in industrial AI applications, for which the industry giants will pay billions of euros.

The final stop on the list was the startup in the heart of Berlin. The young ambitious translation industry pioneer lengoo shared their innovative solution for translation combining machine translation engines and a human-in-the-loop process for post-editing. During the office time we slightly dived into the technicalities and translation procedure, discussed the lengoo’s position in the market and looked at the exemplary translation case. They also impressed us with their motivated and multicultural working atmosphere. 

After the presentation in the office we continued to the Christmas market with the networking session, where we could get to know the team and could ask more questions about their routine, work and daily lengoo life. 

Key takeaway: The generalists are equally good in everything, but never the best in one specific area.

Thank you @merantix @micropsi industries @lengoo berlin for the amazing opportunity and cooperation and every participant in contributing to the success for our startup hopping event.

HUFW Startup Hopping event offers students an excellent opportunity to get comprehensive information about entrepreneurship and help them explore their possibilities in the Berlin startup scene. 

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